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You can not enjoy gourmet e-juices without quality hardware. Most of our hardware is CE and RoHS certified.  We only sale top quality hardware

We only sale gourmet e-juices made in USA with only the finest USP Certified VG,PG, certified(L)Nicotine and food grade flavoring. You will never find in our e-liquid products are artificial dyes, artificial colors, added alcohol or added water. We ensure the quality of our e-juices with the quality of our ingredients.

Come and see us -  702 832 2424.  We are open Monday to Friday 10:00 AM-9:00PM.

LEGAL NOTICE You must be 18 years or older to purchase products on this site.

Vap O Rise

3525 S Fort Apache Rd. Ste. 170 Las Vegas NV 89147

Come and check us out for unique experience and make some new friends.

The Vape Shop