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Inside Vap O Rise Vape Store

Vap O Rise vape shop

Born out of our love of fine flavors and hi quality hardware, Vap O Rise has become the premiere vape shop for fine vaporing in Las Vegas. After traveling the world and sampling different flavors, we decided to make our way back home and bring the world to us.

Our biggest challenge was finding the right, high-quality ingredients for the e-juices we wanted to serve. We are dedicated to offer only the finest e-juices and quality hardware.





We have several varieties of our own e-liquid line. We also offer many e-liquids from other e-liquid companies / vape shops from across the country.If you're looking for  low-quality commercial  or cheap mixed in the back room e-liquids, you're in the wrong vape shop. We don't have any, but the vape shop just down the street may have it. We love to vape, and if you do, too, you've come to the right place!

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